Put some ZAPtion in those lessons!

ZaptionAccording to eSchool News, “Screen time remains a hot-button issue, but classifying technology use guidelines to include active versus passive use, and how the technology is used, could help redefine traditional screen time guidelines…”

At nearly every event our Discovery Education uses our Spotlight on Strategies (SOS) to share ways in which educators can transform the viewing experience. These strategies are simple and are designed so that educators can customize them to match their teaching style and meet the needs of their specific learners.

One way we see many educators customizing the strategies is through integrating web tools.  One of my favorite new tools is Zaption.  This online resource allows you to add a variety of different types of questions and responses to images and videos. It will even pull data on their results.  Using this tool would transform the SOS strategies like 3 Truths, 1 Lie, 6 Word Story, Guess the 2-1-4, Myth Bustin, 25 Things You Need to Know, There’s an APP for That, and several others.

I shared this tool at the DEN Streamathon during my “Day in the Life” presentation and jaws in the room literally dropped. So if you want in on the jaw-dropping action, Zaption is extending a trial of their Pro version to our Discovery Educators.  All you need to do is go to https://www.zaption.com/reg/denambassador .  If you already have an account, log in first, then click the link and your account will automatically be upgraded.

DEN STAR Ambassador Karen Wells has organized some great resources to help you get started on this doc.

When you create your first tour incorporate an SOS and let us know. We’d love to feature it here!



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