Event of the Week: October 29, 2014

img_20141013_154541Educators in Wake County Public Schools in North Carolina are turning a focus on using digital resources to enhance literacy instruction. At Fox Road IB Magnet Elementary a group of DEN STARs led a short, whole staff professional development session on how to use Discovery Education resources to support readers theater.


DEN STAR Andrews Lomeli shared more about this engaging literacy activity.

“Readers theater is such a fun and exciting way to focus on fluency in the classroom, but sometimes it can be difficult to find the exact script needed. Here’s where Discovery Education can come in handy! Using the vast library of songs and their lyrics, you can create your own Readers Theater scripts! Teachers and students at Fox Road IB Magnet Elementary have loved practicing their fluency with cross curricular scripts. Just find a song, tweak the lyrics to your needs and watch the student become engaged!”

Have you used readers theater in your classroom? What is your favorite song from Discovery Education? Share your experiences by commenting below!


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  1. Amy Constant said:

    Andres works wonders with his kids, technology and Discovery Education! He is a great person to focus on!

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