DEN Principal Spotlight: Robbi Coker, Monica Garcisalas, Michael Campos, and Linda Purvis

Principal Spotlight

The Discovery Educator Network recently asked its members to help shine the light on the amazing work principals were accomplishing at school sites around the globe. The nominations flooded in and we are excited to share the results with you.

Please take a moment to read through the great things happening in education today and congratulate these stellar lead learners.

Is there a principal you would like to nominate for recognition? Complete this form and we’ll feature him/her in our DEN Principal Spotlight series.


Robbi Coker, Alamogordo Public Schools: Chaparral Middle School
Nominated by Corrina Sawyer, Madison Hill
Award Title: Taking a New Approach, From fellow Teacher to Principal

I believe my principal deserves this award because she is taking a new approach to leadership that includes input from the staff. This is her first year as principal and she listens to ideas the staff shares for different aspects; whether it’s about student achievement, school improvement, or staff ideas/concerns, she tries her best to accommodate everyone’s needs. I think she is doing an awesome job and will continue to improve every year! -Corrina Sawyer

Robbi Coker is a first year Principal this year after being an Assistant Principal for only two years. She has been an amazing leader and really works together with the teachers to be fair yet a true leader. Robbi tries to work along side of us and collaborate rather than dictate which is much needed in times like these for us teachers. As a teacher, we are pushed and pulled in so many directions and she tries to limit that and help us out in anyway possible. School wide she is trying to push for better technology and better strategies for teaching our students. I believe she has really shown great strength and commitment in the short 4 years from teacher to Assistant Principal to Principal and we are so lucky to have her at our side! -Madison Hill


Monica Garcisalas, Albuquerque Public Schools: Sierra Vista
Nominated by Marion Woolam
Award Title: Great Supporter of Tech Innovation

My principal is working to move our school into 21st century teaching! She has updated both computer labs with new computers, purchased a mobile laptop cart, and a mobile iPad cart. She encourages teachers to use technology in all lessons. She has supported me in attending a week-long teacher tech camp. Thank you! – Marion Woolam


Michael Campos, Vernon Independent School District: Vernon Middle School
Nominated by Sarah Hernandez, Zackery Bloom
Award Title: Hard Working Principal/ Positive Environment

Mr. Campos is in his first year as head principal at Vernon Middle School. He has hit the ground running and is working hard to turn our school around to being acceptable by the state. He has worked tirelessly every day to ensure student and teacher success. He is so deserving of every accolade because of his dedication to our school and students. -Sarah Hernandez

For creating a positive environment that unifies our staff and students. His arrival to the district has lifted the spirits of everyone he is involved with. The faculty has come together under his leadership, and have really started to blossom into a strong unit. -Zackery Bloom


Linda Purvis, Austin Independent School District: Baranoff Elementary School
Nominated by Robin Davis
Award Title: IT Supporter

She has used her principal fundraiser money the past 2 years to provide technology tools for our campus. She encourages us to become more knowledgeable and proficient in the skills necessary to bring our students into the 21st century. – Robin Davis


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