Getting APPy with Techbook: ThingLink

Want to make your pictures and images interactive? ThingLink (iPad & Android) is the perfect tool to make your images and pictures come alive by placing Techbook notes, interactive links, songs, other images, and even videos on top of them. Use the Share feature of any of your Techbook and Streaming resources to link this resource to an image in ThingLink, whether it is a photo you or your students have taken or one you have downloaded from Discovery Education. Make a scavenger hunt with a Techbook image, build your instruction around an image with all of your Techbook and Streaming resources linked to that image, have your students generate a presentation around an image or photo. ThingLink interactive images “engage the audience consistently and reliably”. You and your students can also share your interactive image with others and even upload your Techbook interactive ThingLink image to a Board in your Discovery Education account. Be creative with your ThingLink. Use Tagxedo and copy and paste text from the CIT’s or Reading Passages and create a word cloud that you can customize into a unique shape, then use ThingLink to make this Techbook word cloud image interactive. Here is an example of a Discovery Education Tagxedo ThingLink. Use ThingLink and Tagxedo to create unique, interactive images with your Techbook resources.


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