Taking Flight: Connecting London and Hamilton

As we prepare for perhaps our largest ever virtual field trip next week, today students from Hamilton Wentworth District School Board engaged in a transatlantic conversation around the topic of Remembrance Day with students from Pakeman Primary School in Islington, UK. Both Canada and the United Kingdom celebrate Remembrance Day on November 11th.  Students from Pakeman and students from Memorial City School in Hamilton spent 90 minutes exploring various artifacts from World War 1 and ended the conversation by collaboratively writing poems using padlet.

Hamilton-Wentworth has been actively pursing their mission of transforming learning everywhere and recently showcased many of the transformed learning at a student led event.  This event is a great example of their continuing efforts to transform learning. Today’s conversation allowed students to share perspectives not found in newspapers or text books particularly after the recent shooting in Ottawa where Hamilton native Nathan Cirillo was killed. Students offered unique stories connecting them to this tragic event. Students in the UK also shared cultural experiences and understandings that added greatly to the learning.

If you haven’t already registered for the live virtual field trip for Monday, you won’t want to miss out. Live from the Tower of London, you’ll see an edited version of this conversation as well as many other important artifacts and stories that commemorates 100 years since the first World War.  For Canadian readers, be sure to check out Discovery Education’s Remembrance Day content collection.