Epic Story Board Builder Challenge Fun

epic_story_featuredThis afternoon, I got to spend some time with great teachers and administrators in Milton, FL. We snacked on pizza together and explored Student Center and Board Builder. Many of the teachers had already set up classes and given their students assignments in Discovery Education, but quite a few were new to using Board Builder.

They were so excited about encouraging their students to create Boards “About Me” where they can tell their own Epic Story. I know your kids will be excited to share their Epic Story too, so be sure to tell them all about it.

Here are the details:

  1. Show your students how to use Board Builder (if they don’t already know).
  2. Get them to build a Board that tells their Epic Story.
  3. Have them include the words “Epic Story” in their title so we can find it.
  4. Be sure to approve them to be shared.
  5. Print this cool certificate for your students who participate.


Want some other ideas for how to use Board Builder in your classroom?

Check out 50 Ways to Use Board Builder


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  1. Vincent Interrante said:

    Epic Story! Thank you Discovery Education. The Epic Story and Board Builder provided my students with the opportunity to create original content while commuicating their understanding. A true 21st Century learning combination.

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