DEN Principal Spotlight: Debra Phillips, William Lawrence, Kelly Krueger, and Kathy Martin

Principal SpotlightThe Discovery Educator Network recently asked its members to help shine the light on the amazing work principals were accomplishing at school sites around the globe. The nominations flooded in and we are excited to share the results with you.

Please take a moment to read through the great things happening in education today and congratulate these stellar lead learners.

Is there a principal you would like to nominate for recognition? Complete this form and we’ll feature him/her in our DEN Principal Spotlight series.


Debra Phillips: Baldwin County Public Schools, Magnolia School
Nominated by Michele Mullins
Award Title: New Principal Award

“I nominate our principal for this award. She came in toward the end of the year and had to fill a difficult spot. She came in and took charge and hasn’t looked back. Our school is thriving now and moral has started coming back. She has listened to the teachers suggestions and the parents suggestions and is implementing new ideas and policies. Change can be hard, but when it is for the right reasons it can be a great thing.” -Michele Mullins


Dr. William Lawrence: Baldwin County Public Schools, Foley Elementary
Nominated by Shannon Keenan
Award Title: Most Dedicated Principal Award

“Dr. Lawrence is an amazing principal. He is very active not only in our school but also in the surrounding community. He is concerned with all aspects of the children who attend Foley Elementary. He works continuously to create ways to support our students and their families. As a leader to his staff, he encourages not only the education of the children, but also to love them. He strives for his staff to be in communication with their students and families. As an administrator, he is responsible for hiring the teacher to work at his school. He often tells us he looks for teachers who want to be here, who feel lead to be a teacher at Foley Elementary. He is 100% dedicated to his school and the students who attend here. Foley Elementary School is blessed to have him!” -Shannon Keenan


Kelly Krueger: Des Plaines School District CCSD 62, Central Elementary
Nominated by Kathy Kelly
Award Title: Being Connected Makes A Difference

“Central School principal, Mrs. Kelly Krueger, puts in more time than you can imagine. She goes out of her way to ask about you as a person, your family and how things are going at school. She makes it clear to her staff that she wants coming to work to be an enjoyable experience. Mrs. Krueger shows great excitement when you try something new and cheers you on. She promotes an atmosphere of learning for students as well as her staff. She is the leader and has an open door policy to her staff, students and school families. Mrs. Krueger, we cheer for you!!!” -Kathy Kelly


Kathy Martin: Orange Unified School District, Panorama Elementary
Nominated by Laura Oliver
Award Title: Shining Superstar

“Mrs. Martin in an incredible principal who demonstrates her commitment to her staff and students everyday. She is usually the first on the campus and the last to leave. She encourages her staff to try new ideas and works diligently to help provide teachers the education and support needed in today’s classrooms. She has an amazing attitude towards learning and creating a fun, inviting ,creative atmosphere for students to learn and grow. You will seldom find her in her office because she is out on the playground, observing in classrooms, helping out in the computer lab, or helping students buy lunch. She has so many wonderful qualities it is easy to see why she is Shining Superstar!” -Laura Oliver


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