Student Choice- Principal Spotlight: Anthony Armstrong, Steven Isenhour, Cindy Endsley, and Jenny Bell

Principal SpotlightWe asked students, “Do you have a great principal?” In response, over 70 nominated their principal to receive an award for their stellar leadership.

We’ve listed the selected principals below, by district, along with the award title the nominators gave. Stay tuned every Monday to as we post what their students shared.

Take a moment to congratulate these principals for the impact they made in these students lives.


Anthony Armstrong: Nathaniel Hawthorne Elementary, NYC DOE
Nominated for “Awesome Principal” award

“He runs the school perfectly, supporting everyone’s talents and abilities.
He makes you feel welcome in our cheerful school. It’s impossible not to love it. He gets in touch with the students and is very fun.” ~Student


Steven T Isenhour: Hulstrom Options, Adams 12 Five Star Schools
Nominated for “The Difference” award

“At Hulstrom, the first day I got there, Mr. Isenhour took me into his office and introduced himself. He also took me on a individual tour of the school before classes started. Then after school he took me to see and meet some of the teachers. And, of course, I was worried on the first day at a GT school that I wasn’t meant to be there, but he helped. Then only a few weeks ago, my mom hadn’t shown up at school yet and was running late. So he saw me and joined me until my mom came. He CARES! He observes us and makes sure we know our homework and stuff. My old principal never did that! He also hears our opinions before anything. He makes sure we approve and agree. He listens to us! We suggested a community garden and a few weeks later, ‘BAM!’ a community garden! He NEEDS to be recognized! He needs to be a role model for other principals.” ~Student


Cindy Endsley: Anna Middle School, Anna Local Schools
Nominated for “Mentoring, Caring, Looking Out for Our Interests” award

“She has helped myself and many others in the school go big and reach for their dreams. She has also inspired and cared for those who need it most, and has helped them through thick and thin.” ~Student


Jenny Bell: Morehead Elementary School at Camp Glenn, Carteret County Public Schools
Nominated for “Awesome Principal” award

“Because she works her hardest to do things with us.” ~Student


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