Tech Brief with Justin

Welcome back to tech brief!

Within our vast network of schools utilizing our service, many users access Discovery Education using a protocol known as Single Sign On. Single Sign On was originally created to alleviate a term known as password fatigue, or too many passwords! To many of you, this may sound all too familiar. To help you understand this concept, I have included a basic illustration below (please note this is not specific to Discovery, but does illustrate similar processes).



Now that we’ve seen our diagram, let’s try and make sense of all of this. Here goes nothing!

1. You (the user) arrives at the front door of a home (navigating to the website)
2. To draw attention, you knock on the door (username and password)
3. The host (server) hears your knock and has to determine whether to grant or deny access into the home.
4. Once invited in (successful log in), you will have access to the house and all its amenities (i.e Discovery Education site, school applications, etc.)

My illustration may be a bit oversimplified, but it does cover the essentials. Now I would like to show you how that might look from Discovery’s perspective.


Note: Anything before the @ symbol IS your username. It is not necessary to enter the whole thing.

Anything AFTER the @ symbol will be the specific web address to access Discovery Education

Example: or

(Custom URL)

See the screenshot below for an example log in page:


SSO login



So in conclusion, here are a couple of takeaways:

– This set up only applies to a select number of districts/schools. So if you’re unsure, don’t be shy, ask your IT guys! (see the rhyme there)

– If your school is one of the select SSO (Single Sign On) sites, you will NOT be able to log into our homepage (

– Last but not least, don’t forget to RELAX!! It may throw you off at first, but having one password is an awesome thing ?

That does it for now. Please be sure to post any questions, suggestions or concerns. Also feel free to contact our support team via phone or e-mail. Thanks for tuning in, until next time!

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