Technology Recess at Central Elementary School in Des Plaines School District CCSD 62

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The staff that plays together, stays together. Discovery Principal, Kelly Krueger is helping transform teaching and learning at her school site this year for teachers and students. She recently hosted a “Technology Recess” for her staff.  Utilizing the expertise of her Discovery Education Teacher Leaders, together they faciliated an after-school professional learning and networking event for her entire staff. Check out the commercial they used to advertise! I am certain it will spark a few ‘memories’ and show you how they started their revolution.

During the Technology Recess, everyone had the opportunity to learn about some resources and tools their teacher leaders had been integrating into their classrooms. Following short presentations, the leaders worked collaboratively with their grade level peers to plan a lesson that thoughtfully integrates the tool that was presented to them.

But this is not the only way they are changing things up.  Take a look at other things they’ve been utilizing….

  • SOS: Forty Discovery Education Spotlight On Strategies were posted in the conference room.  Teachers can remove strategies they believe can be integrated into their curriculum.  Additionally, Kelly uses one strategy a month with her staff as a discussion. This past month they focused on “25 Things You Need to Know” and staff members discussed ways they could use this with what they are teaching.

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  • Paper Slides: 3rd and 4th grade students created a paper slide video about the story Babayaga.  They debuted it during an assembly and students, families, and staff could see how this supported summarizing, sequencing, writing, and fluent reading. Check out their PaperSlide and the video the teacher shared during the ceremony.
  • Game Show Style PD: Team Leaders participated in a quiz.  The quiz was aligned to information presented during a building meeting.  After the team leaders completed the quiz and prizes were distributed, they brainstormed how Kahoot could be integrated into their lessons.  Classroom teachers then began creating Kahoot quizzes for their students to participate in and shared it with their colleagues.

CCSD Technology Recess

  • Sequenced Mini-Workshops: Teacher Leaders invited staff members to attend a Discover Education Basics Mini-Workshop on three different dates occurring before/after school and on lunch breaks.  During the workshop staff members were taught how to add resources to content, create folders in content areas, create classes, and create assignments for students.
  • Student Council Boards: All Central School Student Council members will be creating a board to support a fundraiser for Heifer International. Council members will be presenting their boards to each homeroom to educate the younger students about the fundraiser and encourage students to participate. Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 10.26.29 AM

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