Student Choice- Principal Spotlight: Kathleen Richert, Michelle Middleton, Thomas Spivey, and Toshawnka Mahone

Principal SpotlightWe asked students, “Do you have a great principal?” In response, over 70 nominated their principal to receive an award for their stellar leadership.

We’ve listed the selected principals below, by district, along with the award title the nominators gave. Stay tuned every Monday to as we post what their students shared.

Take a moment to congratulate these principals for the impact they made in these students lives.



Kathleen Richert: Crestdale Middle School, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools
Nominated for “I LOVE YOU” award

She is caring to everybody. If a person does something wrong one day and 1-5 (5 is the best) has a 1 on her board, the next day, she is still going to change that 1 to a 5 because every day is a new start.” ~Student

Michelle Middleton: Chouteau Middle School, Chouteau-Mazie Public Schools
Nominated for “Leadership!” award

The reason my principal deserves this award is because she is amazing at what she does!!! My principal happens to be my mother, and I think she does a pretty great job! She gets us ready for testing and she tries to make us an A school!” ~Student

Thomas Spivey: Randolph Middle School, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools
Nominated for “The Great Thomas Spivey” award

Mr. Spivey, you are a great man and organize our school very well. I think you deserve this award because you treat all the staff and students right, you are fair, and you are a wonderful listener. And when we have problems, you solve them quickly and you have changed my 7th grade year alot. Thank you, Mr. Spivey for all you have done.” ~Student

Toshawnka Mahone: Northwoods Middle School ,Charleston County School District
Nominated for “Extraordinary Principal” award

“The reason this principal deserves this award is because of the fact that she is a truly great principal. She tries to help everyone the best she can and she has introduced iPads to our school. That is the reason I am able to fill out this form right now. I have learned the value of a good person- and that’s what she is. I haven’t ever seen her outside of school, but I hope to see her at my high school graduation and possibly at my college graduation. I will definitely send her an invitation to both. She is a great person to look up to. If she does have children, then they have a great mother. She took over after our old principal left and most of us thought it was going to be a drag, but she turned out absolutely great. She is truly extraordinary. She always awards kids for A/B honor roll, so it’d be an awesome thing for her to get awarded herself. She’s as extraordinary as they come.” ~Student


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