iMake iLearn – Minecraft and DE Resources

iMake iLearn

How can Discovery Education resources and Minecraft be used to build deeper understandings of curricular concepts?  Here is just one way to use both of these powerful resources to engage students actively in learning and creation.


To build background knowledge about different types of communities, I started by using Board Builder from Discovery Education.  Board Builder allows you to create an interactive poster with embedded videos.

I chose an overview video of communities and in the text there is a link to a padlet about communities.  This video and padlet was used to model how to do research and document the research as each group.


After modeling how to use the video to find information and transfer that information to the padlet, students were divided into three groups.  Students logged into their Discovery Education account and searched for the community board.  Depending on which community they were assigned to, they clicked on the link at the bottom of the board to connect to another board specifically designed for the community that they would be focusing on.

The padlet proved to be an excellent opportunity for students to learn how to work in a collaborative space as many students started to type over each other.  It was a perfect opportunity to discuss how collaborative spaces actually require us to communicate with each other more.

After about 20 minutes of research, groups were called back to share their padlets with the whole group.

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