Ignite Your Passion for Discovery: The Vancouver Edition

85 educators walk into a bar…

That’s what happened last night in Vancouver. A gathering of teachers from various districts crammed into a small space to share passions and connect with folks who are passionate about children and learning. This rendition, like the previous events in Winnipeg and Edmonton featured great presenters and enthusiastic participants who were challenged, encouraged and inspired with various stories and passions. Unlike those other two events I had my doubts about the venue. As we entered the bar, it was full of hockey fans watching the Canucks. The owners assured me that at 7 they would leave and we’d have the place to ourselves. That didn’t happen right away and for the first few events we competed with a few lingering patrons. Superintendent Chris Kennedy bravely kicked of the event and we were off.  13 presentations later and we wrapped up 2 and a half hours of high energy talks and networking.

The storify will give you a flavor of the event but a few highlights included:

  • Kristi Blakelway’s story of beyondhello.org
  • Karen Copeland’s sharing a parent’s view
  • Having Porter and Emily join me and share Discovery Ed goodness
  • Watching people connect and expand their learning network

Finally the owner of the pub, Leigh, told me that in the 11 years of owning his business he’s had hundreds of events like this one and this was by far the best presentations he’s heard. In addition, he’s got a 4 year old child and said that if this represents what our schools have to offer, he was relieved and excited to know what’s in store for his child.

I don’t want to brag but what the Discovery Education continues to get right is the great blend of professional and personal experiences that produces great events. I’m grateful to be able to be part of this.



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