Getting APPy with Techbook: Book Creator

Book Creator is the simple way to create an iBook on the iPad or an eBook on your Android. Both students and teachers can create unique books from their Discovery Education resources. Use videos, animations, images, and songs from Techbook or Streaming. Add text and your own voice to narrate your books and bring them to life. Or, use one of your own videos, photos, sketches, or songs in Book Creator. Don’t forget that many of your Techbook and Streaming videos are editable so be creative by splicing your video with a Discovery video. Challenge your students with a science, social studies, language arts, or math book competition to tell a story, create a vocabulary book, share their science or social studies fair project, develop a book report on a topic, use a markup app to markup images and maps and add them to your book. There are many more ways to use Book Creator so encourage your students to be imaginative, inspired, and artistic. Your books can be shared in the iBook Store or Google Play Books to become a published author or export your book to Google Drive to deliver to your students or to share your students books internally. This is a great app if you have vacationing, homebound or hospitalized students to provide them with specific content so they don’t fall behind in their studies. The free version allows you to create one book so opt for the paid version in the Apple and Google app stores. Over 9 million books have been created with Book Creator. Yours may be next.


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  1. Sherrie Gillis said:

    I see so many possibilities for this in the language arts classroom. Will there be models?

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