IOS8 DEN Style

DEN at the Apple Store

Submitted by Rita A. Mortenson

In addition to having Discovery Streaming in our school districts, we also have a variety of mobile devices that allow for easy access to this great service, and an opportunity to personalize instruction for our learners.  With all the devices and operating systems available, we thought it would be a great idea to take a trip to the Apple Store and learn about the new features of iOS8, OSX “Yosemite” and how to integrate many of these features in our classroom.

On Saturday, November 15, 2014 nearly 20 educators from Wisconsin gathered at the Apple Store at West Towne Mall in Madison, Wisconsin.  With the store closed for our DEN event, we were greeted by friendly Apple trainers and were in for a great time.  Not only did we get some great private training, but we learned a lot while collaborating with others.  Fellow STAR DEN members Rita A. Mortenson, Cathy Houchin, Karie Huttner, Velvet Holmes and Julie Jenewein joined other DEN STARs and DEN members for 2 hours of training.

The trip was complete with t-shirts, certificates and some great Discovery prizes. Favorite prizes included those from Cake Boss and Myth Busters.   I think everyone would agree, it was a great day with other DEN members.