Student Choice- Principal Spotlight: Annette Zaleski, Linda Pirolli, and Raymond Bohm

Principal SpotlightWe asked students, “Do you have a great principal?” In response, over 70 nominated their principal to receive an award for their stellar leadership.

We’ve listed the selected principals below, by district, along with the award title the nominators gave. Stay tuned every Monday to as we post what their students shared.

Take a moment to congratulate these principals for the impact they made in these students lives.





Raymond Bohm: Constantine Middle School, Constantine Public Schools
Nominated for “My Principal Rocks” award

He’s a good leader.” ~Student

Annette Zaleski: La Purisima Catholic School, Diocese of Orange
Nominated for “Best All-Around Principal” award

“Our principal Mrs. Zaleski is a hands-on principal, always walking around the school when she’s not in her office doing paperwork. She is open to many ideas of the students, and is a role model for our school. All of the grades look up to her, and I feel that our school is so lucky to have Mrs. Zaleski for our principal.” ~Student

Linda Pirolli: St. Vincent de Paul School, Diocese of Camden
Nominated for “The All Around Best Principal” award

“Ms. Pirolli has good control over different situations. She can calm down a pre-k student who just broke their crayon, and help an eighth grade student who is struggling in math. She always greets us with a ‘hello’ no matter what kind of day she is having. She is an honest, committed, and caring person. A family in our school just had a house fire that destroyed a lot of things. They needed many items, so she decided to help the family by putting a drive together. It was helpful to the family. I’m in seventh grade and we just had a Halloween Dance, our principal did not have a costume on but she knows how to have fun at a dance with us, which is another reason she deserves this award. Finally, this award would let her know that I am very thankful for everything she does for our school, the student and families in it. This award would let her know she is always appreciated.” ~Student


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