Calendar of Cool: Basketball Invented

On December 1, 1891, Dr. James B. Naismith invented basketball, making today the 123rd birthday of the sport!

Dr. Naismith was a Canadian-American doctor and physical education teacher. While working at the YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts, Naismith was asked to come up with a sport that could be played indoors in winter, and came up with basketball. He asked a janitor for boxes to throw the balls into, but the janitor could only find peach baskets. Thus, the game’s round hoops were born.



Of course, the game has evolved over time. For example, Naismith’s rules allowed for nine players on each team. The game has also spread far from its roots in the American Northeast, flourishing in cities such as Shanghai.



While Basketball is a great way to work out your body, it’s also a way to work out your mind. Did you know you can predict the motion of a basketball using physics and math? Spending a little extra time hitting the books can really pay off when you hit the court!

An American-born sport that’s taken the world by storm, and gives a workout for body and brain? Super cool.



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