DEN Principal Spotlight: Donevin Hoskins, Lenni Zanidean, Rita Giroux, and Sandi Miller

Principal SpotlightThe Discovery Educator Network recently asked its members to help shine the light on the amazing work principals were accomplishing at school sites around the globe. The nominations flooded in and we are excited to share the results with you.

Please take a moment to read through the great things happening in education today and congratulate these stellar lead learners.

Is there a principal you would like to nominate for recognition? Complete this form and we’ll feature him/her in our DEN Principal Spotlight series.



Donevin Hoskins: Ben L. Smith High School, Guilford County
Nominated by: Cheryl Smith
Award Title: Excellence in Leadership

“When he was copied on an email containing negative information, this man could have gotten defensive. He didn’t. He got busy. He asked for specifics, and made changes. Real, measurable changes. And he keeps asking questions, from parents, students, parents and members of the community, about what other improvements he could make.” -Cheryl Smith


Lenni Zanidean: All Saints Catholic School, Holy Trinity Catholic School Division
Nominated by: Heather Elder
Award Title: Leadership

“This September we stepped foot into a new school and joined two staffs together. A preK-5 school and a 6-8 school became a preK – 8 school which is connected to a new public preK-8 school. It hasn’t been without its bumps but thanks to Lenni, many of those bumps go unnoticed by staff and students. She has a million things on her plate but always has time for a question from staff or students. She is meeting regularly with our building manager about jobs that still need completion. She helped to coordinate and emcee a visit from Prince Edward and provincial dignitaries. She also helped coordinate and emcee our joint grand opening celebration which hosted provincial and local dignitaries and both school division boards. We also just had an opening mass and school blessing which, without Lenni, would not have been such a beautiful celebration. Lenni is at ease with princes, premiers, mayors and archbishops as well as the difficult student and demanding parent. At our school blessing, Lenni told students, staff and guests that we needed to be thankful for our awesome school but she needs to know that a huge part of the reason our school is so awesome is her positive presence. She goes out of her way to affirm and appreciate her staff. She is always cheery and sunny even though we all know how busy she is. She is truly appreciated and I can think of no better person to receive an award for leadership.” -Heather Elder


Rita Giroux: St. Michael School, Holy Trinity Catholic School Division
Nominated by: Kelvin Turberfield
Award Title: The Mentorship Award

“As a rookie administrator, Rita has been the main reason I have been able to last in the role of vice-principal. Despite my countless questions, Rita is always there to offer her support and back any decision I make. She is a constant reminder, even during the most difficult days, that we are doing what we do for the students. Rita never backs down from a challenge, and is always willing to solve a problem.  Thank you Rita, for everything you have taught me.” -Kelvin Turberfield


Sandi Miller: Anaheim Hills Elementary, Orange Unified School District
Nominated by: Delia Hawley, Karen Lampe, and Melissa Morgan
Award Title: Lifelong Learner/ Innovator Leader/ New Things!

“Ms Sandi Miller has brought in many new programs to meet the diverse needs of our students. She is a great leader and truly a lifelong learner.” – Delia Hawley

“Sandra Miller is not content to follow the pack. Instead, she blazes new trails for her teachers to pursue. She is an expert in curriculum and encourages her teachers to accept new challenges by utilizing new programs at our school. Her endless support helps guide us to be the best teachers that we can be!” – Karen Lampe

“Our principal has been very supportive of us trying new things! She has allowed us to jump in with both feet and explore all that Discovery has to offer our students! The results have been awesome! It’s fun, engaging…and the students are truly engaged! They’re learning in an exciting new way! Thank you, Sandi!!” – Melissa Morgan


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