Student Choice- Principal Spotlight: Wilson Taylor, Linda Parker, Jane Daigle, and Barbara Barreda

Principal SpotlightWe asked students, “Do you have a great principal?” In response, over 70 nominated their principal to receive an award for their stellar leadership.

We’ve listed the selected principals below, by district, along with the award title the nominators gave. Stay tuned every Monday to as we post what their students shared.

Take a moment to congratulate these principals for the impact they made in these students lives.


Barbara Barreda: Saint Columban, Dioceses of Orange
Nominated for “Endless Love for the Students”

“My principal, Ms. Barreda, deserves countless awards. Even though she was new to our school, Saint Columban, she still gave her all to create a loving atmosphere. I am new to Saint Columban, so I feel as though Ms. Barreda and I share a connection. I look forward to every day at school, wondering what wonderful thing Ms. Barreda has planned for us. She is just all around wonderful. She is one of the best principals I have ever had, because she really seems like a “pal” to me, and not just a principal.” ~Student

Jane Daigle: Saint Frances Cabrini, Diocese of San Jose 
Nominated for “Super Jane!”

“I think Mrs. Daigle deserves this award because she is kind and easygoing, but she can run a school, yet she still has fun with it! She makes everyone laugh, in a goofy-but-non-cheesy-way. She is in with the teachers after only a couple years as the big boss on campus, and everyone adores her! (I don’t think I’ve ever heard one bad thing about her!) She is like a… SUPERHERO!!!!!!! She never puts anyone down, even if they do something really bad. She’s a cool cat in her own special way. Thank you, Super Jane!” ~Student

Linda Parker: Challenge to Excellence, Douglas County School District
Nominated for “Best Principal Ever”

“My principal is the best because she is friendly and kind. She gives our school lots of chances to dress down which for me i think is great.” ~Student

Wilson Taylor: Woodham Middle, Escambia County School District
Nominated for “Best Principal”

“This is the best principal ever. He’s new, but he has made the school a way better place. He takes his break times to help students with problems. He keeps the school in top condition. He’s encouraging us to do better.” ~Student



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