Student Choice- Principal Spotlight: Beth Herrmann, Mark Goetz, Rachael Postle-Brown, and Tyisha Nelson

Principal SpotlightWe asked students, “Do you have a great principal?” In response, over 70 nominated their principal to receive an award for their stellar leadership.

We’ve listed the selected principals below, by district, along with the award title the nominators gave. Stay tuned every Monday to as we post what their students shared.

Take a moment to congratulate these principals for the impact they made in these students lives.

Beth Herrmann: Walsh Middle School, Framingham Public Schools
Nominated for “Best Principal”

“You are awesome.” ~Student

Mark Goetz: Highlands Middle School, Fort Thomas Independent Schools
Nominated for “Best Principal EVER”

“He plays with us, he makes sure we have fun while learning, and his top priority is what is best for us to succeed. He is an amazing principal! No matter the weather, he is outside waiting for us in the morning and saying goodbye after school. He attends school events.” ~ Student

Rachael Postle-Brown: Pinewood Elementary School, Jenison Public Schools
Nominated for “Understanding” and “Consistent Support”

“Mrs. Brown understands what each teacher needs to be successful. She takes each person into account when setting expectations. She ask questions rather than demanding results. She uses technology in her presentations, thus promoting our use of it in the classroom. Mrs. Brown understands us. She give 110% and sets high standards for us to shoot for.” ~Student

“Mrs. Brown is a principal that is always supportive of her teachers and staff. She can be counted on to follow through on anything that she commits to and does a great job with the multitude of tasks she juggles each day. She works hard behind the scenes and devotes much of her personal family time to events that support both our building and our district. Making a difference is something she is passionate about and gives much energy to the planning and preparation of celebrations for good behavior, events that give back to the community, providing support for ALL students, and communicating effectively with staff as well as families within our building. Though not always the loudest ‘cheerleader,’ her quiet encouragement speaks volumes.” ~Student

Tyisha Nelson: Kimberlin Academy, Garland Independent School District
Nominated for “Kind and Devoted”

“She is kind and thoughtful. She is devoted to making sure school is fun, safe, and her students are happy. She motivates us to do our best and show our pride.” ~Student




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