Hi Discovery, meet Google [Tech Brief w Justin]


The classroom as we know is rapidly changing. Gone are the days of traditional textbook learning. Students and teachers alike, must rapidly adapt to the relentless demands of our modern environment. Diminishing budgets and limited resources often create barriers that can inhibit this change. I want to talk about a few brief examples that spotlight how Google and Discovery Education are contributing to this initiative.

It begins with the teachers. Well executed strategy makes all the difference in providing students with best results. Professional development (offered by both Discovery and Google) is one way to deliver on this promise.  Focus on enhancing technical skill sets, while implementing digital learning techniques puts teachers in the best position to succeed. Once completed, teachers can choose to take their development further with certification and ongoing training.

What good is all this training without the right tools to implement them?! Chromebook offers a one stop solution in terms of hardware. Reasonably priced, Chromebooks  offer a degree of financial accessibility to be deployed on a large scale. Pre-loaded with Google’s OS and cloud applications (Google Drive, Docs, Gmail), Chromebooks allow for active collaboration within the classroom. Discovery Education provides the content portion to learning with Chromebooks through our streaming and techbook services. Students can log into Discovery or Google SSO and interact seamlessly with both services. This type of integration is paramount to efficiency and great user experience.

Working with partners plays a major role in our success here at Discovery Education. We want our customers to have options and the best support to go along with it. There is much more to learn about what Discovery and Google have to offer. I will provide you with some links to get started. Thanks for checking in, until next time!

Discovery Education: http://www.discoveryeducation.com//what-we-offer/index.cfm?campaign=nav_explore

Google: https://www.google.com/edu/