#DENbdays January 2015

A new year begins with lots of DEN stars with birthdays to celebrate.  During the month of January, let’s share some #DENLove with our DENfriends on their birthdays. Below is a list of those with January #DENBdays:

DENbdays Birthday Cake

All clip art in Discovery Education’s Clip Art Gallery created by Mark A. Hicks, illustrator.











Kelli Erwin, January 5th@kgerwin5, TX

Jeannine Shields, January 6th@neene, NY

Donna Miller, January 7th@DonnaMiller44, MA

Natalie Wheeler, January 9th@natdub1982, NC

Kate Smith, January 12th@tivolisooke, CA

Carla Haaven, January 16th@chaaven, MB

Aundrea Jenkins, January 17th@aundreajenkins, NC

Liz Charlton, January 19th – @Zillywaters, IL

Susan Gauthier, January 22nd@sgauthier, LA

Jennifer Harris, January 28th – CA

Kristy Vincent, January 29th@BigPurpleHat, TX

Nancy Piper, January 30th – NC



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  1. Neene said:

    DENfriends, Andrea Keller also has a birthday on January 20th. Please mark your calendars. If you are not on the calendar yet, please use our Google Form, http://dlc.com/denbdaylist so that we know about your #DENbdays big day.

  2. Neene said:

    We also have Andrea Hoffman, @TechCoachAndrea with a #DENbdays on January 24th. I hope you will all share some #DENBdays greetings with her.

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