Calendar of Cool: Alexandre Dumas’ First Duel

On January 5, 1825, Alexandre Dumas fought his first duel.

Alexandre Dumas was born in France on July 24, 1802, and at age twenty-three he fought a duel for the first time. It didn’t go as well as he might have hoped – while he wasn’t seriously injured in the sword fight, his pants did fall down.


This duel did have a positive outcome, however. Alexandre Dumas went on to write such novels as The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo, inspired by such daring experiences in his own life as well as those in the books and theatre he so voraciously consumed himself. His books were a thrilling mix of history and fiction that focused on chivalry and adventure.

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Losing your pants in a sword fight? Well that’s not exactly cool, but using your own adventures to inspire great literature definitely is!