Calendar of Cool: The First Museum in America

On January 12, 1773 the first American museum opened to public.

The first public museum in America opened its doors to visitors in Charleston, South Carolina. With a stated mission to preserve and interpret the cultural and natural history of Charleston and the South Carolina low country, the museum still carries on that work today, as well as hosting special exhibits and educational programs in order to increase and preserve civic pride.

museum 1

Since then, many more museums have opened all across America. These public places give people unique opportunities to explore the history of their local area as well as the whole world, often for free.

museum 2

A lot of hard work goes into the creation and upkeep of a museum. For example, some museums take place outdoors and model whole villages from the past. Skilled employees there show visitors some of the challenging handcrafts that were part of daily life in the past. More traditional indoor museums often have huge back areas full of items waiting for their chance to be displayed, or new items that need to be preserved for further research by scientists. Many museums have their own laboratories and libraries on site!

museum 3

A place where you can literally walk through history? Amazingly cool!


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