Tech Brief w Justin (Bulk Import Part One)

Hello again,

For the next few weeks in tech brief, I will be spotlighting tips surrounding our website features. This new series of posts will cover everything from MyAdmin to Techbook and more. Lets get started with the bulk import tool.For those of you who may be unfamiliar, bulk import allows users to upload mass quantities of user data onto the Discovery Education server. Before I dive deeper, let me briefly list a few advantages to using bulk import. They are as follows:

  1. Initial upload of student, teacher and classroom data
  2. Updating of student and teacher information from year to year
  3. Transfer of users to multiple sites within the same account

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 8.05.43 AM

To access bulk import, you must first be granted the account or site administrator roles. This can be done by your existing site/account administrators or by contacting our support team. Once granted, bulk import/update users can be found under the user management tools subheading (see screen shot above) within the MyAdmin page. It is important to note that all imports are done using Excel spreadsheets or CSV files. Discovery has pre made templates which should not be altered! Any adjustments made to formatting will cause your import file to fail upon submission. Within the bulk import, you will discover three tabs: Create, Update, and Import Status.

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 10.47.51 PM


[Create Rosters]

First time users will likely refer to the create tab. This tab references all the necessary templates and information for initial import. Data entry time will vary based on the users needs and preferences. User guide links provide guidelines and minimum requirements for user information. There are no restrictions on formatting, as long as they adhere to guidelines.

[Update Rosters] 

Update rosters is my personal favorite when it comes to maintaining data. This feature allows users to make changes (as opposed to manual entry) to existing data. For example, popular use cases would be updating student passwords, grade levels and school location.  There are additional features, but I will let explore a few of those on your own.

[Import Status]

Import Status displays the current state of the data within Discovery’s system. Validation or Import Complete are the two messages displayed within the import status window. Validation is our process of proofreading a file before it is loaded onto the server. Any errors are returned in a separate CSV file to be resubmitted individually (i.e it does not require you to redo your entire upload). The entire process generally takes around 20 minutes, but the times can vary based on upload traffic. Validated files will be uploaded overnight.


Before I leave you, be sure to not overlook the upload file section. The file upload is listed as the #2 step and can be found by scrolling directly under the templates (see below). Thank you for joining me and be sure to tune in next week as we continue to visit additional Discovery Education features. See you soon!

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 7.48.38 AM