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Does your classroom have the winter blues? Bring paradise to your students by viewing FIVE: Galapagos Islands. Each two-minute episode in Discovery Education’s new FIVE series features five facts related to a particular topic: animals, countries, world wonders, etc. This program in particular presents amazing facts about the animals, plants, and geology of the Galapagos Islands. BONUS: Each FIVE episode is also available in French!LL1

Ideas for the classroom:

  •         Since these videos are only two minutes in length, they can quickly engage students at the beginning of the day, or leave the students with fun facts to think about on the way home from school.
  •         Play the video on mute and have the students write down observations about each fact on the countdown. Then, while working in pairs or groups, students can use their observations to hypothesize each of the five facts. Have each group share their ideas with the rest of the class. Finally, watch the program together with the volume on to see if the students’ hypotheses are correct.
  •         Break students up into five groups, assign each group with a fact, and assign students with the task of creating a BoardBuilder to provide the class with more information about their fact.
  •         Challenge students to produce their own FIVE video by sharing facts about their school, community, state, or country.


Stay Tuned! More programs from the FIVE series will be coming to Discovery Education in 2015.

How could use the FIVE series in your classroom? Please share your ideas in the comments below.


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    This is an awesome idea! Great way to activate thinking to get the school day started!

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