SOS: Special Announcement


For those who have come fans of our Spotlight on Strategies (SOS) series, we have a special announcement!  Based on your requests, our community is now creating video vignettes of each SOS.  These segments can be shared during staff development and contain the big idea, instructional ingredients, a specific example, summary, and extensions!

In the weeks ahead, we will be premiering fan favorites now available as a video!


3 Truths, 1 Lie

Shelby Bailey from St. Louis, MO,  took on the strategy that launched our SOS series and continues to be one of our most popular.

6 Word Story

Selena Ward from Prince George’s County, MD, shares a way for students to summarize learning or make predictions.

Snowball Fight

Terra Lee Gratton from Alberta, Canada, demonstrates a way for students to get actively involved with learning.

ABC Summary

Monique Liles from Clayton, GA shows that learning can be as easy as ABC.


Which SOS do you want us to unveil as a video next?  What do you think of our new format? Let us know by commenting below.

Have a strategy you think would make a great addition? Please email


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  1. Audra Barton said:

    This is fantastic! Each month at our PLC I have been discussing a few SOS strategies and now I will be able to show them as well!

  2. Belinda Kinney said:

    What exciting news! I can’t wait to tell my colleagues to check the DE blog for this professional development goodness! Thank you!!!

  3. Jessi said:

    Woohoo! I’m sharing SOS on Feb. 17th so you just made me so happy!!!

  4. Laudan Kirk said:

    I can’t wait to show these at PD event with my peers. I viewed them all and can’t wait to see more of these short and fabulous ideas. Way to go Den.

  5. Terra-Lee Gratton said:

    I’ve shared this with my staff and it’s been all but positive comments!

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