Lively Lessons: Groundhog Day


Working on your weekly lesson plans? Our new Sunday blog series, Lively Lessons, will provide you with Discovery Education content and lesson plan ideas!

Discovery Education offers a variety of digital resources to help you celebrate holidays and commemorate special events with your students. With Ground Hog’s Day this week, surely your students will be curious about what the remainder of the winter will be like.



In addition to great videos that share the history of Groundhog’s Day, you can also access to Teacher’s Guides. To see if your video comes with additional guides, look for the “Materials” tab on the player page. Within these guides you’ll find video quizzes, discussion guides, puzzles and activities for students.

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Share the fun facts about groundhogs with your students below– watch Holiday Facts and Fun: Groundhog Day or explore the Calendar Event to learn more about why we celebrate these furry animals! You can even dive in to the blog archives to see some “DEN Style” Groundhog Day fun!

*Groundhogs are often called woodchucks. In parts of the southern United States, they are also called “whistle pigs” because they make a loud whistling noise when they feel threatened.

*Groundhogs are 16-26 inches long and weigh four to six pounds.

*They normally live three or four years in the wild. But they can live seven years or more in captivity.

*Humans and dogs are their enemies. In the wild, their enemies are wolves, coyotes, foxes, bears, hawks and owls. Groundhogs are often able to escape from their enemies by swimming and climbing trees. If a groundhog can’t escape, it is able to defend itself with its large front teeth and its sharp claws.

*They eat grasses, berries, nuts and other plants all summer long. They store up fat for the winter, when they hibernate in their underground burrows. Their hibernation period usually lasts from October to March or April.

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How will you use the Teachers Guides & Calendar to liven up your lessons this week? Please share your ideas below!


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