SOS: Social Media Frenzy


This week, we are thrilled to reveal four more SOS vingettes that you can use this week with your staff.

Since social media was all abuzz this weekend, we thought we’d build off the momentum with some winning strategies!



Instagram-in (video contributed by Diane Lefebvre of Alberta, Canada)

Engaging students with a platform many are already familiar with, will captivate their attention and showcase their learning.

Tweet! Tweet! (video contributed by Selena Ward or Prince George’s, Maryland)

It’s short and sweet and to the point.  Learn how you can use the framework of tweets to inspire summarizing units and exploring new topics.

Fakebook (video contributed by Diane Lefebvre of Alberta, Canada)

There’s much to learn about inviduals when you look through their posts, friends, and images.  Help students synthesize their learning with this strategy.

Things You Don’t Know About… (video contributed by Tracy Carpenter of Columbia, Maryland)

Social media reveals many things you didn’t know about your favorite people.  Based off a popular magazine article, have students share 25 important facts about people, places, and things you are studying


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  1. Dr. DeGennaro said:

    My students watched a video for our current issues discussion. Afterward, we used Tweet! Tweet! to create a concise and high-level tweet that we could post to our classroom Twitter Account! @peepsquad

  2. Alisha Hester said:

    I am using paper slides today as a matter of fact! They have all the facts, so this is not a research project. I had originally planned for them to make a foldable- but this seemed to convert easily. I found a great video on youtube to demo for the students and viola! They are moving and discussing the topics and clarifying their knowledge of the topic! It is great! Thanks

  3. Sara Ostovarpour said:

    Last year I had the opportunity to apply for a grant to get a cart of Chromebooks in my room but I didn’t apply because I wasn’t sure I was ready to be a leader at my school in regards to lessons using technology. However, after reading blog posts such as yours recently, I realize that technology doesn’t have to be a scary, paperless classroom: technology can be used to engage the students in ways like this. I love the idea that students can use a tool they love such as Instagram, and still show they are making connections to the material. How exciting for students to make an Instagram page for a literary hero or a sixteenth century historical figure. I am going to use this later this week to liven up our unit on the Reformation. I am going to add a wordbank to the wall so that the lesson doubles up with not only the making connections application, but also a vocabulary study. I pondered over this for a while, wondering if giving any vocabulary would stifle creativity. I finally decided I wanted students to use higher level vocabulary and here was an opportunity for practice. Students will still be responsible for choosing the most appropriate verbiage. So Mr. John Calvin will have his own Instagram page later this week. #protestant #predestination #theologist

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