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heart_den_featuredWhat do you think of when the month of February appears on your calendar? Is it Ground Hog’s Day? What about President’s Day? Black History month? Well, our bet would be Valentine’s Day as the common event one associates with the month of February. In staying with the theme of Valentine’s Day, the Kansas DEN Leadership Council has a challenge for teachers and students. The teachers’ challenge focuses on the completion of a Board Builder answering the question of “Why do I love Discovery Education and the DEN?”. Teachers are encouraged to share their favorite lessons, SOS strategies, resources and more on the board.

As for the students, the KS DEN LC wants to challenge students to design a Board Builder that looks to persuade viewers to show their love in supporting the cause of a real world issue. The real world issue will be selected by the student or group of students. Once the issue has been identified, the Board Builder tool will be used to construct their case for persuading each viewer for support. To help the students get going, consider answering the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How points.

The Board Builder challenge is to be completed by February 28th. All projects will be shared in a culminating post by the KS LC during the first week of March. Participating teachers and classrooms will be provided something special from Discovery Education.

The KS LC looks forward to sharing everyone’s love for the DEN and real world issues!

Those taking on the challenge, we encourage you to visit these DEN STAR created resources for additional insight into DE’s Board Builder and the rubric to be used in evaluating the submissions.

Sharon Thorton’s Board Builder tutorial video on Vimeo

Shelby Bailey’s Board Builder 101 example (You will be asked to login to your DE account for access)

Discovery Education’s Board Builder rubric

KS DEN LC February Challenge submission page


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