Lively Lessons: Presidents’ Day (or is it?)

livelylessons_featuredIn this week’s Lively Lesson let’s take a look at the third Monday in February.






As a United States federal holiday many enjoy a day off of work and school to honor George Washington, thanks to a federal law passed in 1968. But if you look closely at your calendar, you may see another title on the date.

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Many states have renamed the day to “Presidents’ Day” to celebrate Washington, Lincoln or some combination of U.S. Presidents. You can learn more about the passing of this law in the segment PBS News Hour: Washington’s Birthday

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Or you might test your students knowledge of the Presidents’ with an interactive skill builder activity.

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Explore more Presidents’ Day resources in Discovery Education and learn why cherry pie is often served on Presidents’ Day and other ways we honor our President. Don’t forget to take a look at the Content Collection for Presidents’ Day to access student and teacher guides, discussion guides and activities!

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How are you celebrating Presidents’ Day in your classroom? Share your ideas in the comments below!


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