Hear Ye! 2nd Annual NC DENaissance Faire

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HUZZZAH and welcome Ye Lords and Ladies, and anyone who has even an inkling for FUN, festivities, and edutainment to the second annual DENaissance Faire. Embrace your imagination for a spectacular day of learning from and with artisans, story tellers, courtiers, alchemists, fortune tellers, and musicians. Bridge time and talent as we weave together traditional arts and skills with modern tools and ideas. Spend a day learning. sharing, and having fun with educators from across the Southeast with the common thread of passions for teaching, learning, and the Discovery Educator Network.


Don’t miss out on this exceptional one day event on Saturday, March 21. Register TODAY. Space is limited!

All are welcome! Costumes are encouraged, but not required.  There will be prizes!

Bring your favorite digital device and a love for learning. We can’t wait to share!


Booths in the market may include…

Alchemy – Fun hands on science demonstrations to do with your students

Story Telling – Using portable green screen technology to enhance learning

Fortune Telling – Creating augmented reality experiences for your students

Quests – Learn how to gamify your learning space and how to use handheld GPS devices to enhance teaching and engagement

Artists – Enjoy a DENaissance Photo booth and learn how to use digital photography in the classroom

Musicians – Learn to play an instrument… really!

… and more



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  1. Wanda Hanley said:

    Oh Bummer I will be in Florida with the Apex High School Marching Band. I have heard so many good things about this event. Sorry to miss it!

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