SOS featured in ALL NEW Interactive Training

SOSDid you hear the news?  Discovery Education is now featuring 5 Interactive Training courses that allow you to learn ways to maximize your experience and the SOS are embedded within. Check out the “Digital Integration” course to learn ways to integrate video, images, audio files, and additional resources founded within DE.  Here are some of our favorite SOS for each of those digital assets with their brand new accompanying videos!


Table Top Texting

Connect the Dots

In Full Bloom


Get VENN-y With It

Visual Walkabout

Multiple Perspectives


Shake It Up Baby

Surround Sound

Silence is Golden

… multiple resources in one and even more!

Can you Guess My 2-1-4

The Envelop Please

Scrambled Please


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  1. Kwaku Amoako Dompreh said:

    I like the SOS Connect the dots because it can be integrated into most of my AP Biology lessons especially when introducing new vocabulary. For example: Evolution of populations presents new vocabulary that students must connect the dots correctly. I use this learning strategy a lot. Thanks.

  2. Keri Feming said:

    Great News!!

    This will make it easier to show these tools off to the teachers at my two schools!!

    Get ready for a whole new staff meeting people!!

  3. Dana Johnston said:

    These training modules are so great. They are a great tool. When my DEN ambassadors go back to their sites to share with teachers, this is a great way for them to get the other teachers on board. And its a great refresher course for those of us that may have forgotten some things.

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