Happy Birthday DENvice!

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 4.36.57 PMTwo years ago, a Maryland DEN Star approached two others and proposed a project: to crowdsource answers to educational questions, along the lines of a community “Dear Abby” advice column. She thought that the collective brainpower of our DEN members would result in a powerful resource from which everyone could benefit. This modest proposal gave birth to DENvice, a Facebook page where members of the DEN share questions, topics, ideas and experiences. At first we hoped to hit our milestone of 100 “likes,” dreaming that there might be one hundred people interested in participating in weekly topical conversations.

On our second anniversary, we are thrilled to share that there are more than 700 “likes” and a solid core of DENvice followers. More importantly, we have had two years of active, relevant conversations and many great resources explored and shared. The page has hosted a variety of moderators, discussing everything from creativity in the classroom, STEM resources, DE product integration, authentic assessment, code in the classroom, and much more.

This week we are proud to host Maryland DEN Star Joquetta Johnson, as she WOWs us with Wonders of the Web and other Wonderful Tools for Teaching, Learning and Leading.

The DENvice page continues to welcome your input and ideas and is now happy to bring you the DEN Star Tip of the week. Visit our page each week see what’s new, including DENnis Grice’s tripod alternative and Selena Ward’s encouragement post cards.

On behalf of the DENvice team, Tracy Carpenter, Selena Ward and I would like to thank you for your support for the past two years and invite you to continue to join the conversation at facebook.com/denvice.

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