A modern take on a master storyteller

Few authors have been more influential to American literature than Ernest Hemingway. His body of work has created a legacy that is unmatched!  He proved that with just a few simple words, a writer can evoke powerful emotions.

Hemingway lived here in Illinois, not far from the first house I owned.  The Ernest Hemingway Foundation of Oak Park provides tours and workshops of the residence, sharing his legacy with a new generation of authors.  As part of that mission, they in partnership with Ogilvy & Mather, have created a fantastic Instagram presence, that shares out quotes from throughout his impressive career.

But what’s really interesting is that they’ve also taken advantage of the video feature within Instagram, to post 15 second retellings of his most famous stories.  These vignettes are incredibly creative, and can serve as wonderful examples of digital storytelling at its finest.  Take a look at the account and share them with your students!

  He didn’t put down words, he put down a part of his soul. #ehfop #writing #passion #literature #Hemingway #quote #inspiration   A photo posted by Ernest Hemingway Foundation (@ehfop) on