Lively Lessons: Lyrical Genius

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Have you ever listened to a song by Dr. Lodge McCammon? If not, you and your students might be missing out. McCammon is a lyrical genius. His songs cover topics related to science, math, social studies, and language arts, and his tunes always come fully equipped with lyrics and song explanations. The best part is, these songs are catchy. Students will be humming along to them all day long.


One series of songs available on Discovery Education Streaming, called The Fifty States Project, offers key information about each state’s history, geography, economy, and more. A worksheet accompanies each song in the series, allowing students to sharpen their listening skills.

Give your students a copy of a state’s song lyrics and have them work in groups to determine the meaning of each line or stanza. Use the full explanation copy to review group work and answer questions together as a class. To find these songs, keyword search “The Fifty States Project” and narrow the search by clicking on Media Type and selecting Song.


Songs are great learning tools. Challenge your students to create music videos to accompany a song, or give students a topic so they can create songs of their own!


What is your favorite song by Dr. Lodge McCammon? How do you use songs in the classroom? Share your ideas in the comment section below!


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