Getting APPy with Techbook: Cell Storming

Cell Storming is a media driven brainstorming, mindmapping, idea-generating app for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Simply put, Cell Storming is a concept-mapping app on steroids. Cell Storming creates a network of cells resembling a honeycomb, which allow students and teachers to represent ideas or content from any of your Discovery Education services. Cells can grow in any direction and link to multiple cell maps around the same concept. Each cell in your map can be color coded to represent a different media resource from Discovery Education. Just download the Discovery Education media resource to your i-device and then add the media to your cell in your mind map. Using the Share feature for any of the Discovery Education resources will allow students and teachers to copy the link into a cell within their mind map. Students and teachers can also incorporate text, their own voice memo, and do freehand drawing within any of their Cell Storming cells. Tutorial videos exist on the main screen of Cell Storming to guide you through the process of adding cells and media. While there are other great concept-mapping apps, most do not incorporate the use of media. Get busy as a bee by creating and sharing your Cell Storming mind maps.


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