Fun Fact Friday: Some Animals Choose a Lifelong Mate

Yi-Yuanji-Two-gibbons-in-an-oak-treeDid you know that there are animals that choose a mate and stay together for life? It’s true!


While it is rare in the animal kingdom, there are certain species of animal that choose a special someone and raise a family together, forming a bond that can often last their entire lives.


Most famously, swans stay together for several years, and in some cases, never separate. Gibbons are also known to raise a family together, and form a tight-knit group.. Like swans, when a gibbon finds the right mate, it’s a life long companionship. Gibbons parents raise their offspring, groom each other, forage for food, and live together as a family unit.


Want to learn more about gibbons? Check out Meeting the Gibbons on Discovery Education Streaming!

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  1. Lisa said:

    I’ve read this about parrots. I guess some animals are more loyal than people. It’s no wonder people become so attached to their pets.

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