March #DENbdays

A new month begins with lots of DEN stars with birthdays to celebrate.  During the month of March, let’s share some #DENLove with our DENfriends on their birthdays. Below is a list of those with March #DENBdays:

DENbdays Birthday Cake

All clip art in Discovery Education’s Clip Art Gallery created by Mark A. Hicks, illustrator.

March 5 – Debbie Keith, LA –

March 10 – Elizabeth Riggs, KY – @purplespirit5

March 11 – Elizabeth Benno, TX – @elizabethbenno

March 16 – Charity Harbeck, MD – @harbeckc

March 18 – Patrick Vernon, NC – @ElonTeacher

March 18 – Kara Brem, NC – @mrsbremtweets

March 20 – Tiffany Troxclair, TX – @letxhistory

March 23 – Lisa Thompson, NC – @endymom

March 27 – Paula Naugle, LA – @planaugle

March 28 – Sara Badiner, MI – @mrsbadiner

March 31 – Barbara DeSantis, NJ – @Bdesantis

To have your birthday recognized by the DEN Community, please complete our Google form at:

Below is a calendar to help us keep better track of upcoming #DENbdays:

The direct link to the calendar can also be found here.


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