…and the SOS Award goes to….

SOSA few years ago, DEN STAR Susan Bowdoin from Albuquerque, New Mexico, cornered me after a presentation and said “You really need to start posting all of these strategies somewhere.”  I’m pretty sure I smiled and agreed that it was a great idea.  I had heard this request before, but Susan didn’t give up.  After the next event she made the request again and sometime after that I emailed her to let her know the Spotlight on Strategies had been born.   One of favorite roles at Discovery is being able to listen and respond to community requests.  It all supporting and connecting community.

Since our first SOS post, we’ve received feedback from hundreds of educators in the form of how we can enhance your experience with them and also by providing us new ideas. As you’ve continued to share with us, we have been busy figuring out the best way to respond.  So here’s what you have to look forward in the coming weeks: all current SOS with updated PDFs and associated videos searchable in Discovery Education, SOS will be tagged with keywords and skills that will make finding the perfect strategy streamlined, one page within Discovery Education to have easy access that you can share with your colleagues, strategies on how to share SOS during your staff development time, and a table view of all your favorite SOS.

As the award season on television winds down, I’d like to take this moment to spotlight some REAL STARs who have been hard at work making all the updates to the SOS possible.   Please take a moment to thank this incredible team for their amazing work.

Project Leads

  • Susan Bowdoin (Team Lead)
  • Tracy Carpenter (Creative Design)
  • Dennis Grice (Creative Design)
  • Sandi Dennis (Chief Editor)

Content Development

  • Shelby Bailey
  • Susan Bowdoin
  • Tracy Carpenter
  • Sandi Dennis
  • Terra-Lee Gratton
  • DENnis Grice
  • Karie Huttner
  • Dana Johnston
  • Diane Lefebvre
  • Monique Liles
  • Cheryl Lykowski
  • Delsia Malone
  • Jessie Beth Miller
  • Alison Schleede
  • Kristy Vincent
  • Selena Ward
  • Katie Warren

In honor of them, I’ll share this week’s SOS titled “… and the award goes to…”  for a creative way in recognizing student contributions
PDFVideo Vignette

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 11.20.41 AM

Share with us how you acknowledge and reward students!



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  1. Karen said:

    I love the searching capabilities! Well done!

  2. Deb Thonus said:

    This is incredible! SOS was already awesome, but what this team has added to this cache of ideas and strategies raises it to the “Out of This World” status! And the award “definitely” goes to all those involved who powered up the SOS Strategies to the next level. Way to go!!!

  3. Lynda Torres said:

    Well done to you all! Susan inspires each person she comes in contact with. The strategies presented are so powerful! Thank you!

  4. Sonja Fehlmann said:

    Such a simple yet powerful strategy!! Kids are learning and don’t even realize it.

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