Tech Brief w Justin- My Admin Snapshot View

Hello all! For those of you located on the east coast, I hope this winter weather hasn’t  adversely affected your learning time. Today I wanted to talk about the My Admin snapshot view within My DE. . So without further a due, lets dig in!

To begin, this new feature requires account or site administrator  permissions to your Discovery Education account.  As an administrator you can find the admin tab directly on the My DE homepage (see screenshot below).

weekly snapshot- blog 4

My Admin gives teachers and administrative personnel a detailed overview of user accounts, usage reports and various product tools/settings.  Prior to the launch of the new  My DE,  users could access My Admin by clicking the link located next their username. Though this is still the case,  Snapshot condenses essential admin data into one comprehensive view.

For example, usage information such as user logins, downloads, streams and more can be viewed without running a usage report (see screenshot below):

weekly snapshot- blog 1



Essential system admin tools are also accessible within this view (see screenshot below)

weekly snapshot- blog 2

Last but not least usage report tools are also available for generating more in depth data regarding specific sites and users (see screenshot below)

weekly snapshot- blog 3


In conclusion,  it is my sincerest hope that all of our customers will take advantage of this simple (but delightful feature).  If you you’d like more information or have general questions please feel free to reach out to our team directly. You can follows us on Twitter @DESupportStars or e-mail us at I hope everyone has a wonderful week, until next time!



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