NOW LIVE: Dig a Little Deeper Virtual Lab

Virtual-Lab-Creative_DEN-.jpgThe Dig into Mining  program is excited to introduce a new learning simulation focused on the exploration phase of mining. Students will immerse themselves in various careers to determine the best location to find copper.

Dig Into Mining is a three-year middle school program designed to spotlight metals (such as copper), and their social, environmental and economic impacts – past, present and future.  Last fall introduced the first of three virtual field trips, Explore Metals in Your Everday Life, which is archived here and complements the virtual lab.

The “Dig A Little Deeper” virtual lab has been designed as an authentic, problem-based learning simulation focused on the exploration phase of the mining process. Students will be challenged to choose from three possible sites on which to mine for copper. To help them choose a site, students will assume the roles of a geologist, an environmental scientist, and a mining engineer. Students may go through each of the tests individually or as a part of a team. Within each career lens, students will develop an authentic research question, evaluate/test data, and analyze the results. All three sites will have benefits and trade-offs. Once all data is collected, students will make and justify a recommendation, based on the evidence they’ve uncovered throughout.


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