From the Desk of a New Elementary Principal

Wilson-AVMS-240x300Marcie Wilson took a jump last year.  After 18 years of middle school experience, with six of those years as a principal, she made the decision to take an elementary principal position.  Here’s a few things she’s learned from her first year.

This has been such an awesome experience for me and I love my new school! An important component of being a principal is being an instructional leader. I am the lead learner at our school site.  After experiencing the Spotlight on Strategies (SOS) at the DENSI Principal Summit, I knew this would be a simple and effective way of supporting my teachers through the digital transition and highlighting Discovery Education resources.  Each week, I chose a different SOS and share it with my staff.  They are encouraged to try it out with their students and then share the feedback with each other. I can’t wait to share the new accompanying videos with them.

Though it has been an adjustment from middle school, I have learned that elementary teachers are some of the hardest working teachers ever.  They arrive early, stay late, begin supervising students at 7:30 am, and do not stop supervising students until 3:30 pm with only a 45 minute break while their students are at specials.  They are devoted to their students and their students’ learning, care deeply about their students and each other, are willing to pitch in and do whatever is needed to help our school be successful.  They are willing to dress up, act silly, and know how to have fun and how to make learning fun! They inspire me each and every day.

I have also learned that Elementary Students are the most loving, most giving, most creative and hardest working students.  I have received more hugs, high-fives, cards, pictures, and gifts this year than I have probably received in my entire career.  They absolutely love to learn and every experience is a new opportunity for learning.  Watching a child learn to read or learn to solve a math problem is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.  Their enthusiasm, inquisitiveness, creativity, and willingness to make mistakes has re-ignited my joy and love for my profession.

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*Marcie Wilson is the principal of Clear Creek Elementary School in Henderson County Public Schools in North Carolina.


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