Fun Fact Friday: Digital Camouflage

CADPAT_digital_camouflage_pattern_(Temperate_Woodland_variant)Did you know that some military uniforms feature camouflage that looks like a pixellated computer image? It’s true!

While the photo to the side might look like a mountainous landscape from an 8-bit Nintendo game, it’s actually a printed pattern that serves as a very effective woodland camouflage. According to Wikipedia, “Digital camouflage is a type of camouflage pattern combining micro- and macro patterns, often though not necessarily with a pixellated look created with computer assistance. The function is to provide military camouflage over a range of distances, or equivalently over a range of scales, in the manner of fractals.”

While the notion of digital camo may seem cutting edge and new to some, it has actually been in use (originally in Canada) since the 1970’s, and its conceptual origins date back to the 1930’s!

It’s funny when you realize that this is probably the only practical example of a pixellated image being considered superior to a “high resolution” image, which is exactly what traditional camouflage would be considered by comparison!



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