Lively Lessons: Spring Forward



With March 8th bringing Daylight Savings time to the Northern Hemisphere and the March equinox in a few weeks, it’s a great opportunity to engage your students in conversation about time and the many ways it affects our lives. Students can also explore the changes it brings to the plants and animals around us.

Select from one of the writing prompts below based on your students age and interest level. Then, have students create Paper Slide Videos to respond to the prompt.


1. Discuss the changes that you see happening outdoors. From snow melting, birds migrating, plants blooming-  discuss what signs tell plants and animals that spring has begun. How do plants and animals begin to change during the season of spring?

2. “Spring Forward” and “Fall Back” Explain why these terms are used with Daylight Saving time. How does Daylight saving time affect our lives?Do you think DST provides economic and environmental benefits?

3. Describe what happens to the position of the earth as it orbits the sun and what effect does the position of the earth have on the change of the seasons?

Allow students to work independently or in groups to build responses to the above prompts. Provide access to classroom resources and Discovery Education Streaming:

Season Under the Sun: Spring

Planet Earth: Seasonal Forests

Weather Things: Spring

The Seasons: Solstice and Equinox

Seasons Image
Have groups 3-5 students respond to the above prompts by creating a Paper Slide Video. Using this technique, students create slides that provide a visual overview of their understanding and ideas. Students narrate a short video as they move through the slides. Using just a camera (on your phone or tablet), makers and paper students work to create a brief overview of their understanding and can easily share it with classmates.


We’d love to see your students Paper Slide Videos- Share a link in the comments, below!



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