Community Member of the Week: Rachel Yurk


Rachel This week we’re highlighting Rachel Yurk. Rachel is an Instructional Technology Administrator for Cedarburg School District in Wisconsin. She has been a DEN STAR since 2006.  “Being a DEN STAR has allowed me to narrow my focus, identify and establish clear professional goals and reach them.  My PLN is as big as some small countries and I owe that to the DEN!”



How do you start your day?

Coffee, coffee and more coffee while catching up with my online friends, news and social media.


Why did you become a teacher?

I never questioned doing anything but teaching or working in the field of education.  I love working with kids and being a part of the light that shines when they learn something new.


What is one of your favorite ways to use Discovery Education?DEN Friends

I spend more time training in the use of DE rather than teaching with DE.  MY favorite tool is the Board Builder and it makes use of many assets and allows kids to create while learning.


How are you involved in education aside from your role as educator?

I do keep a blog for teachers in my district at: and try to write to it often. You can also check out my Personal website:


What advice do you give to a teacher who is hesitant to use digital media in their classroom?

Dive in and see what happens.  If we fail to try then we try to fail!


What advice do you have for first year teachers?

The information coming at you will make you feel like you are drinking out of a fire hose.  Stand back and select a few things at a time all while keeping note of the next things to explore.  Always remember the students come first.


RY.RunningWhat sites do you visit to assist in your teaching practice?

DEN Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Feedly to read my DEN Blogger blogs


What other organizations/groups are you a part of?

DEN -LC, Google Education Trainer, SMART Exemplary Educator


What is your most memorable experience with the DEN?

My first experience with the DEN was the “Floating Excursion”.  Not only did I get my introduction to many great people but at that event I learned to green screen, edit photos and videos, Blog and more.  It was a career changing moment for me!


When you’re not working, where are we most likely to find you?

You would most likely find me…

Out for a run or sweating it out on my treadmill

On the sidelines of a soccer game or gymnastics meet watching my twins

Listening to my oldest sing or play the guitar

Enjoying family time while binge watching Netflix


What is your favorite kind of donut?DEN Peeps

New York Cheesecake Filled


How can others connect with you?







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  1. mrmartinsclass said:

    Congrats!! Rachel is a fantastic resource and I’m glad to have her as a big part of my DEN Family!! Honored to call her friend. Even more honored to call her and have her answer. 😉

    Way to go Rachel!


    You go Rachel, I sometimes binge watch movie series. Just heard that term as I watched the Dexter series. Hope our paths cross again. Love Cedarburg WI.

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