Digital Learning Survey: Favorite Findings from Your DEN Team

In December, we asked the Discovery Education Community to tell us how you and your students are learning digitally. After reviewing the data, your DEN Team chose their favorite takeaways. Here they are for you.



Engaging is the word you used most frequently to describe Discovery Education.












That word cloud was created with Wordle. If you’ve not tried Wordle before, here’s an idea: Ask your students to summarize an article or a speech from Discovery Education. Then, have them copy the article/speech into Wordle to create a word cloud. Encourage them to use the results to check their summary.

You connect with other educators most frequently in person.

We understand. Nothing really can replace good old face-to-face time. We have scheduled a bunch of DENapalooza events for 2015. They are a great place to meet other educators or get to know a couple of your colleagues by going together.

Another great idea for face-to-face is to attend or host a viewing party for the Discovery Education VirtCon on April 25. Learn more about it here.

At least half of you participate in virtual field trips with your students every month.

Here’s what one survey respondent said, “With Discovery Education, I bring the world to my students. I can take students places we never could go for a field study and have lessons, facts, and activities to engage all learners.”

Check out some of the great VFTs coming up soon.


95% of you use technology to adapt instructional activities to meet the needs of individual learners.


Did you know that students can have accounts in Discovery Education as part of your current subscription? You can create assignments in Discovery Education Assignment Builder and assign them to groups of students or individual students.


assignment builder



hall2015At least once a month, more than ¾ of you are having students create multimedia presentations.

Did you know that your students can use Discovery Education Board Builder to create interactive boards?

A survey respondent said, “With Discovery Education, I have been able to engage students in learning with Board Builder as Boards may utilize so many components of learning. Students can read text, view videos, participate in explorations, create documents to discuss their learning, and expand their creativity in so many ways.”

Have you tried it with your students? Here are 50 ways to use Board Builder.

We see that you still love Discovery Education as a resource for videos, but you’re using Discovery Education in a variety of other ways too. You mentioned blended learning, differentiation, and connecting with other educators. Most popular, besides the video content, was the Spotlight on Strategy series.



Not sure what they are? Check out these short instructional strategies you can use right away in your classroom.


You’re using a ton of cool tools with your students.

Some of your favorite cool tools to use at school along with Discovery Education include:
Zaption, Kahoot, Socrative, Google Apps, Nearpod, Edmodo, PowerPoint, Moodle, Padlet, Thinglink

Interested in learning more about ways to use Discovery Education with tools like these? Check out the 5 Ways to Use DE webinar series.

We asked you how we can help you grow professionally. You gave us some specific topics like integration strategies, blended learning, and assessment. You also asked for more tutorials on using Discovery Education.

In response to your feedback, we’ve unveiled a new series of webinars called Survey Says. Each month we’ll tackle a topic that was requested in the survey. Check out the topics here.

We also worked with members of the DEN Leadership Council to create an amazing set of interactive trainings right when you log in to your Discovery Education account. Log in to your Discovery Education account to take the courses. In each course, you’ll learn more about how to use Discovery Education, get to know other members of the community, and even earn a certificate you can submit for PD credit.



One last thing before I go…Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us. We appreciate the time you took to tell us how you and your students are learning digitally.

Happy Digital Learning Day!