Tech Brief w Justin – Sifteo

Technology is constantly changing the way we view and interact with the world. Education is no exception to this new wave of change. Today I’m highlighting an innovative toy known as the Sifteo Cube. You might be wondering how can toys and education suddenly became interchangeable? It’s quite neat actually, let me give you a little background. Sifteo was the brainchild of two MIT students who wanted to create a physical method for users to interact with data. Everything from Interactive games, puzzles, and thinking challenges come pre-installed on each cube. Built in radio technologies allow the cubes to approximate location and react rapidly to user placement. In a 2009 TED talk, co founder  Dave Merrill demonstrated how Sifteo could be used in the classroom to promote student directed learning (amongst other demonstrations). The idea was to bring  a  “third dimension” into the the conversation. Transmitting real time information to the user, while calling of motor and critical thinking skills. So now that I have you attention, its time to break the news. Sifteo was recently acquired  by 3D robotics and ceased production of cubes until further notice. However disheartening, it is still great to know that there are innovators challenging the way we use everyday technology.  To learn more I encourage you to watch the video below and refer to the company website ( I hope everyone enjoys their upcoming break, until next time!