Lively Lessons: Solar Power

In this week’s Lively Lesson we’re celebrating spring as we learn about the power of the sun.livelylessons_featured

Did you Know? Efforts to run a car on fuel other than gasoline date back to the invention of automobiles. In the 1960s several electronics companies began developing cells to capture the power of the sun. Today, with the fear of dependence on foreign oil, there is renewed interest in solar powered cars, and, while they have not yet become generally practical, several companies stage annual solar car competitions called World Solar Challenge.

Get inspired with the learning ideas below- Be sure to share your ideas in the comments! We’d love to hear how we inspired you!


Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 4.36.26 PMElementary School: Learn about the variety of power sources and how we capture the sun’s energy for heat and light that – Watch Solar Energy,  Sources of Energy and view images to identify different sources of energy. Discuss how you currently use energy and how solar energy might replace traditional forms of energy. Make a word cloud using Tagxedo to collect your answers about the sun and solar energy.



Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 4.43.00 PMMiddle School: Compare the use of solar energy and traditional gasoline to power cars. Learn about the special cells used to collect solar energy in Power Up: Energy in Our Environment. Two innovative products, the Solar Backpack and Power Film, capture the sun’s energy to produce electricity. What other things can benifit from solar power? Watch Green Gadgets and brainstorm other products that could get a charge from the sun. Create a Board using Board Builder to share your ideas and link to digital resources.

High School: Solar power can be costly to implement- is it a good investment? How can solar power provide resources to people in rural areas? Watch Global Wrap: Egypt. Watch  Solar Cells: Power from the Sun to learn more and share your opinion with the class by creating a Board on Board Builder– be sure to site your sources!


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