Ford’s Theatre 150 VFT: Calling For Student Questions

Earlier this month we invited you to join us LIVE on March 26, 2015 at 1pm ET for a virtual field trip to Ford’s Theatre.  In addition to registering, we’d like to invite you to submit a question using the questions box on the homepage, or to send us a video of one of your students asking a question to potentially be aired during the live event.  If you’re interested in this opportunity, this is what you need to do:

  1. Download & fill-out a photo-release form
    1. Please write your email address & school name at the top of this form so that we can contact you should we decide to air your video)
    2. Scan your signed-photo release form to create a digital PDF of the document
    3. Name your signed photo release file like this: FirstNameLastName.pdf
  2. Create your video (landscape video and mp4 format please)
    1. Ensure only the student with signed photo-release appears in the video
    2. Don’t wear any clothing with brand-name logos showing
    3. Keep the background quiet so that we can clearly and audibly hear your question
    4. Name your video like this: FirstNameLastName.mp4
  3. Send us your video and photo release form by attaching them to an email and addressing it to

Additionally, in order to prepare for your virtual viewing event we encourage you to utilize the following resources:

In preparation for the event we had the chance to meet two National Park Service Rangers that work to preserve and protect national historic sites like Ford’s Theatre.  Check-out their video!




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